The bloom real estate network is a new flower in the regional real estate landscape with INNOVATION as its stem and as its corolla of petals BENEVOLENT EXPERTISE. 

INNOVATION bloom is about securing and REALLY optimizing your real estate transaction. Indeed, the bloom real estate network goes much further than a traditional agency! 

 A successful real estate transaction is a funded transaction! However, to date, all the traditional agencies limit themselves to signing a compromise. They then find themselves helpless in front of the confidentiality zone linked to the financing of buyers. No certainty therefore on the soundness of the sale, because they have no professional capacity to verify the financial solvency of the prospective buyers they have presented to you. 
 After the compromise, a traditional agency therefore relies on "Providence" to arrive at the signature at the notary. 

 The job is half done!

 bloom has therefore innovated by integrating an expertise service in mortgage lending: bloom financing available as part of the bloom mandate for all our clients. What does it consist of? 
 Before sending you an offer, bloom Financing ensures the creditworthiness of the prospective purchaser as a bank would ... This is the Bloom Certified Solvency Offer 

 Seller advantage: the guarantee of the solvency of the buyer: it is more security and the certainty of completing your transaction, without wasting time for projects depending on your sale. 
 Acquirer Advantage: the possibility of saving thousands of euros free of charge on your loan solution thanks to our expert advice. 

 It’s unique! This is bloom, funded real estate.