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Leave the city for the sweetness of the Corrèze countryside. Finally get closer to the children. Come back to your tree or finally, carry out an organic market gardening project ... So many good reasons to come to us, GREEN! 
Only, when you're far away, nothing is easy! 
The property of your dreams appears on the market. Barely enough time to make the first arrangements to free yourself up for a weekend when it is sold out under your nose! 
This is why bloom creates the solution for you:

"Bloom for You" 

an exclusive real estate hunting service from the bloom real estate network!

How it works?

1: Tell us about your project

You need a trusted ally on the ground to become ACTIVE and REACTIVE.

Take the time to discuss things: during a telephone appointment or via Skype video, let's define together the contours of your project.

2 : Give us the power to act!

By signing an exclusive "bloom for you" research mandate, you are giving yourself every chance to finally realize your dream. We become your exclusive field partner in a geographic area defined together and we are looking for you in all directions!

A property seems to approach your main criteria:

- we visit it for you,

- we send you a detailed report with as much information as possible and visuals.

- we prepare the seller for your imminent coming

In short, as if you were there!

3 : How much does it cost ?

Even if it means paying agency fees, as long as things are clear from the start:

Contact your bloom advisor. Determine with him a fixed, clear and written amount of fees. Sign our "bloom for you" mandate. 

And he's on the hunt for you!

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